Tuesday, 17 June 2008

SOA Governance Framework

At CBDI we have always advocated that governance needs to be rooted in clear policy definition and in fact devoted an article to this. Since that time we have been busy assisting organizations improve SOA governance approaches based on an underlying foundation of clear policy definition. One thing that has emerged vividly from this work is that organizations must move forward at their own pace and in a way that is realistic in terms of their current SOA adoption level.

Moreover the approach taken to SOA governance must be in tune with the overall governance requirements and political climate. We have therefore distilled these experiences into an SOA Governance Framework - embracing policy, process, infrastructure and capability maturity - that can be tailored to each organization's specific needs.

The basics of the CBDI SOA Governance Framework are now publicly available without requiring registration

An overview of the process of creating a SOA Governance Framework is presented in this slide show

SOA Process Reports - now available without registration

The following SO Process reports are now available on the CBDI Forum website without requiring registration.

A report on the SOA process by Paul Allen (Everware-CBDI) and Paul C. Brown (TIBCO) was published in the CBDI Journal for November 2007.

Architected Solution Delivery: Enhancing the Service Oriented Process (November 2007, available to all )

This is a sequel to an earlier report by Paul Allen from February 2007.

The Service Oriented Process (February 2007, available to all)