Friday, 28 May 2010

Portfolio Management and SOA

In the current economic climate, most IT organizations are faced with extremely tight budgets. Yet at the same time, the business is likely to be exploring new opportunities for growth or improvements in efficiency that in turn often increase the demand on IT. Application Modernization for example is not just a simple case of switching old systems off to immediately save money, but more often requires investment in order to improve efficiency of those systems and in the business processes they support in the long term.

You sense that for a long time it has been easier for organizations to take the easy option of giving projects the budget and freedom to do what they want, without regard to the needs of other projects or even the organization as a whole, as long as the project promises success.

However, enterprises of all types, especially the public sector, cannot simply dispense money like this anymore, and now must face up to making difficult decisions to reject project proposals that take such a ‘laissez-faire’ approach, and instead focus on more efficient utilization of the organization’s resources and to “do more with less’ by reducing waste and duplication, whilst increasing sharing and reuse

Consequently, more attention needs to be paid to the portfolio as a whole, rather than the projects in isolation

Service Portfolio Planning

CBDI Forum has long advocated a Portfolio Management approach to SOA, with Service Portfolio Planning (SPP) being a cornerstone of CBDI-SAE. So in a new report, as well as considering the specific case of SPP, I set out to consider other portfolio types and how to extend conventional portfolio management activities.