Thursday, 30 April 2009

Open Group Release SOA Source Book

We notice that the Open Group have this week released their "SOA Source Book".

The SOA Source Book
is available at
Ideas in the SOA Sourcebook have been circulating around the SOA world for some time, and there is (not surprisingly) a lot of overlap (with more or less variation) with material the CBDI Forum has published from 2003 onwards. In particular the following have strong affinity to work we published in the past few years.

SOA Source Book


A Maturity Model for SOA

SOA Adoption Roadmap Planning Framework

High-Level Perspective of the SOA Reference Architecture

Based upon our early layered architecture published in reports such as Understanding SOA

Service-Oriented Infrastructure

Introduction to SOA Governance

For example, compare and contrast the Open Group Maturity Model for SOA:

With that from CBDI Forum. The Streams are almost identical, and the phases whilst named differently have a similar basis.

The Open Group SOA Source Book SOA Reference Architecture. This was itself based upon an earlier IBM model, which was markedly similar to CBDI's.

With the CBDI Model from 2003,

The Open Group SOA Source Book SOI Reference Model

With the CBDI SOI Model from 2006

And finally, the Open Group SOA Source Book SOA Governance Regimes
with the CBDI SOA Governance Framework from 2007

Recently, we published a report TOGAF 9 complementing SAE practices and concluded
"TOGAF is a generalized enterprise architecture framework applicable to varying architectural styles. TOGAF 9 provides some useful alignment with SOA architecture development at a fairly high level.
SAE is an SOA specific framework and methodology that covers a much broader life cycle footprint in great detail.
There is no absolute conflict between TOGAF 9 and SAE. There are many opportunities to use SAE assets and work packages to guide and inform detailed SOA activity."

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