Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Service Implementation Architecture and Automation Unit Specification

The Service Implementation Architecture and Automation Units Specifications provide the transition from the logical Business Service Architecture and Service Specifications to the implementation of Services in software. In our latest report we will look at how Automation Units are identified, modeled and specified, and advise on how they are documented in the Service Implementation Architecture.

This report presents Automation Units as a relatively flexible concept that can be used to represent a variety of different implementation approaches. The degree of documentation may vary by type or by the nature of the provisioner/implementer relationship. We would expect organizations to define policies that more tightly scope the permitted Automation Unit types in their organization and the associated documentation they require. From a process perspective, the Service Implementation Architecture is a deliverable from the Service Oriented Architecture and Design discipline, and the Automation Unit Specification is a deliverable from Service Provisioning. Together with the Service Specification, these will be key inputs to the Service Implementation activity.

See Service Implementation Architecture and Automation Unit Specification

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